As kid who studies business I typically only deal with the corporate and political side when it comes to health care. Obama Care this and Obama care that and everyone has their own opinions blah-blah. Then we talk about how grossly EXPENSIVE health care is and stuff. Once in a while a case gets thrown under my nose about say, a drug that a pharmaceutical company designed that can cure some exotic illness across the globe but then the ill people cannot afford the drugs so it turns into this huge dilemma over whether to give these poor people the drug to end their suffering or not because stock prices/share holders are an issue and it is kind of like COMMON look at the infrastructure of the United State’s health care. It is the most elite in the world—give the people their friggen medicine. So anyway that leads me to say….with this project I was excited to maybe get to look at a more “scientific” look into social responsibility. But I was sad to find out most of the CSR involved in the health care is kind of the same as any other industries. Everything seems to boil down to money and that is sad. There is a huge rise of defensive medicine because people are “Sue Happy” so now patients have to have unnecessary procedures and testing because their doctor has to take extra preventative actions to not get sued. This increases medical costs even more. This is boring to write about. I tried to find more dynamic and less dry topics to talk about. I hope you all enjoyed reading my posts!


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