E-cigarettes are a new take on cigarettes. They are a battery operated nicotine inhaler which as a rechargeable battery and a cartridge filled with e-liquid chemical propylene glycol and nicotine. A heating element burns the e-liquid until it is turned into a vapor and inhaled. Their cost can range from $30-100. It is about $600 in cartridges per year vs $1,000 for a pack-a-day-smoker so cost wise it is cheaper to smoke the e-cigarette.

Just because the tobacco goes in and out as a vapor, does not mean it is not harmful to the user and to surrounding people. However there is new mounting evidence that e-cigs do pose significant health risks. There is a new study that has concluded the nicotine-lace vapor promotes the development of cancer in types of human cells the same way tobacco smoke does.

Also, electronic cigarettes are NOT a device to help tobacco smokers kick their habit. They are also promoting themselves to a younger teen crowd by offering different flavors and colors. Advertisements are attempting to make “vaping” look cool.

While the US cannot take away the right for people to smoke, there should not be a new market developing to make money and the expense to citizens health while trying to make it sound “healthier”. Cities such as Chicago, have banned traditional cigarette smoking in public to help protect citizens and children who do not want to be exposed to it. Now there is this new wild west with “vaping” anywhere

Luckily cities such as Chicago, New York and LA are taking action to be responsible to the majority of their citizens are banning the use of e-cigarettes in public places! Even more, the FDA is backing up these cities voices and are cracking down on electronic cigarettes too.

The are trying to kick this new fad to the curb for two main reasons: Children, and Public Awareness. The FDA is proposing to prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18. They are also trying to require e-cigarette manufacturers to divulge the ingredients to smokers and futures smokers so they are aware of the risks electronic cigarettes may carry.

Seeing e-cigs have quickly become a “thing” this decade, it is great to see such infrastructure jump on the issue it may impose right away. They are taking action to defend the health of citizens. Maybe it is just a niche sale item but it is still unclear if popularity will continue to grow.


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