Promoting healthcare as CSR

So far, we’ve covered what healthcare corporations are doing for the society as a corporate social responsibility, but what why not promote healthcare as a corporate social responsibility?

Recently, India has been the spotlight when promoting corporate social responsibilities. India has passed the companies ACT of 2013, where at least 2 percent of a 3 year annual average net profit will go towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. With this, India has become the first country to have an actual CSR legislation, requiring an action towards helping the society.

Now, why is it important?

It’s been known that New Delhi, India is now taking corporations to promote healthcare as their corporate social responsibility. It’ll go hand in hand with the companies act of 2013, requiring companies to use at least 2% on CSR activities.

The change will be endless. ruralhealth

If, half of the companies in India promote healthcare as their CSR, then the entire country’s healthcare system would benefit greatly. More affordable services, lower costs on medication, and more availability of healthcare will be developed as a country.

Of course, no one will know how this companies act will improve India, but we can’t ignore it. United States can also learn from India’s actions, maybe benefiting healthcare in society.


For more information on India’s CSR act click here 

For more information on India’s promotion on healthcare, click here


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