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In the healthcare industry, why is CSR so important?

The healthcare industry is one of the highest markets transferring extensive amount of money into society, and healthcare is a necessity in any part of the world. When you’re sick , over the counter medication may fix the issue. However when you’re in need of medical attention, hospitals are necessary to be accesible. Resulting in hospitals and other healthcare corporations highly neccesary in society. The fact is, without the general public there is no healthcare, and vice versa.

Epublic-healthspecially when it comes to health, the industry needs to earn the trust of the general public. They need to take an active role promoting their CSR programs, which can develop the general public to view the specific corporation favorably. CSR is important to show the public what makes the corporation more trustworthy, reliable, and  unique. So how does CSR come into play in the healthcare industry?

It shows the industry’s commitment. Donating financial resources, providing events and other helpful programs to the general public shows the industry’s commitment to society. Programs like using less natural resources and more sustainable resources can show the society that the industry cares about the environment. Giving employees more benefits and other interior programs can show the society that they care about the hospital’s work environment. Overall to show that the industry is committed to help, not destroy the general public.

Another reason CSR is so important in healthcare is due to the prevalence of social media. It integrates the industry’s image, determining the social image the industry shows to public. When the health industry exercises CSR to benefit the society and using social media to assist awareness of the CSR programs will create a positive image for the industry, resulting in higher trust from the general public.

  • For instance, at UDG healthcare plc, their corporate social responsbility program has raised money to assist children’s charities and benefit society around them. Their specific program Ashfield in2focus worth causes fund has provided many charity events, and raised money for schools, and local public.

Also, when CSR programs in the health industry succeeds, it makes the industry more attractive for stakeholders, politicians, and the government. The higher level of assistance from them will increase financial stability and power. They can allow the hospitals to increase in their CSR programs to assist the society, while assisting the industry with money. With more financial stability, the industry can aid the society with newer and better technology, more services, and easier accessibility.

Overall, CSR is critical when it comes to healthcare. When CSR programs succeed, it improves the industry’s image and allow hospitals to assist the community more effectively.

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