Health Care Transparency

Health care transparency refers to the ability to provide specific information such as costs and quality of health care procedures and services. More information about health care transparency can be found here.

The image on the left shows how the states have been graded based on their state price transparency laws. As you can see, the country is more blue than it is orange. This means most of the country is failing in their ability to provide for their patients.

Recently, the health care industry has realized its own weakness and is trying to improve itself. “States have passed their own health price transparency laws, Medicare has started to dump raw data on the cost of services and what doctors get paid, and private firms have developed their own transparency tools.”

While it is fortunate that the industry is taking action for its flaw, it questions how efficient its efforts will be. As the article says, research has shown that it is difficult to name an exact price just for simple health services and also what the consequences will be for making data too public. Although there are some issues needed to be figured out, the health care industry is showing that they are trying more for their patients.


Read more about the article here.


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