Hospital-Dependent Patients

In today’s world of modern medicine, doctors are able to save thousands of lives that would have been lost just a few short years ago. At first glance, these new life saving technologies seem like a godsend, but they are breeding a whole new generation of patients– those that are dependent on the hospital.


Hospital-dependent patients are those whose lives were just barely saved, and now they are so fragile that they are forced to   spend more time in the hospital than out of it. Many of these patients begin to feel much safer within a hospital, and they  prefer to spend their lives there.

This new breed of patients is causing a financial strain on hospitals because they must continue to re-treat patients over and over again until they one day pass away. One possible solution is to create new parts of hospitals, that are better than nursing homes and cheaper than hospitals, but is that really an effective solution? And is it responsible to save these patients only to have their qualities of life be so low?


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